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The modern workplaces, boast of spacious lawns, landscaped gardens and decorative water bodies. They are meant to make the workplaces aesthetically beautiful, attractive and relaxing for the workers as well as visitors. In doing so, these places also become the potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes that cause discomfort and even defeat their very purpose by becoming a threat to the health, work and life of your employees there. Diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya are all too common today.

Fogging and spraying pesticides are not workable and sustainable in eliminating mosquitoes from such large commercial areas and the results are seen in the guise of increased sick leaves, lower productivity, mounting healthcare expenses, revenue loss and at worse, loss of life of employees. AERO provides you the confidence and assurance of making the place work-friendly for all.


Mosquitoes may breed in filthy environments but invade even the most luxurious spaces. They not only affect outdoor activities like playing, relaxing and partying, but don't even spare indoor life. Our children and elders are most susceptible to diseases from mosquito bites. We all want to ensure the health and safety of our family and are willing to take all necessary measures in keeping any threat away.
Aero not only kills and reduces the population of mosquitoes outside your bungalow or farmhouse and garden but also sanitizes your bungalow within keeping your family members, guest and visitors safe from them.


The infrastructural size of civil as well as private hospitals is ever increasing to accommodate growing population of cities. This includes the patients from city as well as villages, doctors, staff and the visitors.

A healthcare facility can least afford to become the cause of discomfort and diseases due to mosquitoes and the onus of keeping the premises safe for all falls on the management. The National Vector Borne Disease Control Program (NVBDCP) specially mentions the importance of ensuring the hospitals are mosquito-proof in order to avoid diseases from spreading on the premises. AERO is the best bet in ridding the hospital and its premises of mosquitoes.


Places as these are where the density of people is very high and so is the population of mosquitoes. Any such space necessarily has gardens, lawns, and water bodies which are the fertile sources of mosquitoes and thus, the possibility of the spread of vector- borne dieses like dengue, malaria and chikungunya is very high here. This constant threat makes parents anxious to the extent of stopping children from playing outdoors. With the right installation of AERO, the population of mosquitoes can be drastically eliminated up to 95% and the possibilities of vector-borne diseases literally brought down to minimum


The hospitality and leisure industry and its business verticals thrive on customer experience and so affording comfort to customers becomes the most basic of all necessities.

Mosquitoes often play spoil sport in such places and using coils, repellent chemicals or fogging outdoor areas don't make any sustainable difference. This leads to customer complaints, and bad publicity eventually affecting the business bottom-line.

AERO makes your property mosquito-proof in just 3 weeks after installation and maintains it so throughout its operations.


All government places are frequented by working staff, visitors as well as important policy and decision-makers. In India, these places are normally old, damp and crammed, making them an ideal hunting ground for mosquitoes and other vectors.

Ironically, the primary responsibility of ensuring the health and wellbeing of the citizens rests upon the government and the best way to ensure this is to begin by making their own premises safe for all.

AERO helps in securing such large structures, organizations, public places, railway & bus stations, parks, defence establishments, soldier colonies, and rest houses from the threat of mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases.


Students are the future of the society and country. They are also most susceptible to vector-borne diseases and illnesses. Thus, apart from quality education, schools, colleges and universities are also expected to ensure the health and overall wellbeing of the students as well as the teachers. A student's school time includes time spent in classrooms and on playgrounds. Though the school authorities are increasingly spending on the security and sanitizing of their premises, there is little control over the surroundings that breed and bring mosquitoes to the school and classrooms. AERO helps in controlling the menace and threat of mosquitoes and thus lowering the possibilities of the outbreak of diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya on their premises.

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