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After successful installation and testing for suitability and efficiency in India by AERO Europe team and Sunrise Group, Sunrise Engitech is now confidently promoting AERO as the best outdoor mosquito elimination system for various private and Public institutions and places. Encouraged by the widespread awareness for making and keeping the country clean, we are sure AERO will add a new dimension of a healthy India to the Swacch Bharat programme. The established network of our channel partners will only speed up the drive and contribute in achieving our objective of a mosquito-free India.


Within five days of installation of AERO, around 27000 mosquitoes were counted dead inside the system, thus proving its efficacy and fetching an order for 3 units.

At another location in Pune, Aero is installed and tested at a government bungalow. The initial results are very satisfactory, leading to more installations at common public areas like parks, hospitals, among others.

AERO is tested at an exhibition lawn in Pune. The property was selected for its mosquito-prone conditions and complaints. Many of the resident staff and visitors had reported about the uncontrollable menace of mosquitoes there and even falling ill to mosquito-borne diseases.


In October 2014, the Mayor of Kochi, Tony Chammani, showed interest in AERO system to overcome the mounting problem of mosquitoes in this city of Kerala, which is frequented by tourists from all over India and overseas.

The tests were conducted at various locations including Journalist Residential Society in the city.

The State Administration and Tony Chammani were very impressed with the results of the tests leading to a large order for AERO systems in December 2015.


In the West, the tests were conducted at a leading Educational Institute in Surat, Gujarat. The location has lush garden and lawns on around 23 acres plot.

Aero was tested for 4 days and results showed a significant drop in the population of mosquitoes. Currently, the institute is secured against mosquitoes by AERO.


AERO is a modern system in all aspects - from design to production to operations. This is ensured through the many quality checks at each stage, before reaching the market. Every piece of AERO has to go through stringent quality tests on different fronts at its ISO-certified production facility in Europe. The range of tests includes a 48-hour inspection to detect assembly defects, leak tests for gas supply and control appearance. The result? AERO guarantees flawless operation at all premises, in the most difficult environments and for years together.


Being a coastal and humid city, Chennai has many stagnant or back water bodies which make the coastal as well as city areas highly infested with mosquitoes.

AERO was tested for a week at a luxury beach resort that was receiving high number of complaints about the menace of mosquitoes from staff and guests. This was eventually hurting the resort's business.

AERO brought about a significant difference within a short run killing about 9000 mosquitoes in a week's time. Impressed by the results, the management decided to install the system at all their properties.


Aero is installed and tested at a large software park in Airoli. The site is built on reclamation land, and thus faces a very high risk from mosquitoes and other pests.

During the 15 days test run, AERO significantly brought down the mosquito population and now it is a permanent arrangement at this site as well as other such properties owned by the company.

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