Mosquito traps for indoors are helpful if you use them properly and understand their limitations. They're great for a quick "clean-up" but aren't going to solve a stubborn infestation. If mosquitoes have been getting in and buzzing around your house, you probably know from experience that it's not easy to find them before they find you. They're small, hard to see, and unpredictable. Not to mention, sneaky. You'll be blissfully unaware of them until you catch one feasting on your arm!

This is where an indoor insect machine can come in handy. Place it in a room, turn off the other lights, close off the area and leave. That last step is key - if you stay in the area, they're likely to pass up the trap and head straight for you.

Let the trap do its thing for at least a good hour or so. When you return, anything that was flying around in that room should have found its way into the trap.

What you catch indoors won't make a dent on the mosquito population outdoors. If you have a hole in your window screen or gaps around your door, or kids who leave doors open when they go in and out to play, the rest of the mosquito family will be sending in reinforcements as fast as you can catch them. Buy or repair screens, caulk openings, replace worn weather-stripping, have a talk with your kids.

The best permanent results come from addressing the problem outside, where the insects live, but an indoor mosquito catcher can help make life inside more bearable in the meantime.

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