In recent years, thousands of electronic mosquito repellers have appeared in online stores. Manufacturers claim their products repel mosquitoes, whereas opinions of Amazon consumers often vary. Some are happy with their purchases, saying the ultrasonic repellers helped them to get rid of mosquitoes, while others lament that it was waste of money and the devices failed to do the job. Our review of 10 the most popular repellers designed to repel or kill mosquitoes will help you to make the right choice.

We have analysed opinions expressed by scientists and prepared a review of ultrasonic mosquito repellers. What do experiments show? Are there devices capable of eliminating these annoying pests at least for a short period of time? Does ultrasound have a future as an insect electronic repellent?

All these issues are covered in our investigative report. For better clarity, we have drawn up a comparative table of types of electronic mosquito repellents. If you are interested to learn about mosquito biology, how they perceive sounds and in what frequency range, read the last section at the end of the article.

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