It's important to understand that these machines don't REPEL mosquitoes, they ATTRACT the mosquitoes first and lure them into the trap where they die. They do not only attract mosquitoes from the immediate area, some models can draw them in from a radius of as much as 1.5 acres. Since they initially bring mosquitoes to the area, this is not something you buy the morning of your big cookout and place in the middle of your patio unless you want to turn your party into an itchy, buggy disaster!

Because of the way they work, it takes time for traps to exterminate a large population. If you run the machine consistently over a period of days or even weeks your patience will be rewarded by a noticeable reduction in mosquito activity without resorting to toxic potions and sprays.

The various makes and models of mosquito traps differ from one another in the way in which they draw mosquitoes to the trap (attractants) and the way in which they actually catch them (capture methods.)

Mosquito traps are effective ... IF you can convince the bugs to fly into the trap!

If you have a mosquito problem, I bet you don't spend much time thinking about how to attract the biting beasts! But if you prefer trapping to toxic insecticides it's something you need to consider. For your trap to succeed, you need the right "bait" to lure the unsuspecting critters.

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